The artist is not human.

by Self-Portrait of the Artist


This is the last installment of a series of posts set in space, I guarantee, but originality, no matter how nerdy, has got to be showcased.

So while you are at it, take the time to appreciate the aslant shot in the non-human self-portrait above (which Curiosity sent us from Mars, on 7th September 2012).

You will thus experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of feeling superior to the people at NASA. They didn’t really appreciate Curiosity’s untraditional angle, seeing that they felt the need to make the horizon — well — horizontal.

But worldly-wise people like you and I know all too well that the artist is often misunderstood.

Curiosity 2

(Curiosity also has the enviable skill of taking a photographic selfie that gives the illusion that someone else is holding the camera. [It takes a movable arm and 55 pictures stitched together to achieve that, but still…])